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An Angewomon Stamp by LilithiumStampsA Lilithmon Stamp by LilithiumStampsA Rosemon stamp by LilithiumStampsA Gatomon Stamp by LilithiumStampsMikemon Stamp by PhewmonsutaA Sakuyamon Stamp by LilithiumStampsLilithmon stamp by LilithiumStampsA Lilithmon stamp 1 by LilithiumStampsA Lilithmon stamp 2 by LilithiumStampsMiyako x Ken Stamp by L3xil3inHikari x Takeru Stamp by L3xil3in+Digimon Zero Two Stamp+ by BlackgatomonExVeemon Stamp by L3xil3inDemiVeemon Stamp by L3xil3inFlamedramon Stamp by L3xil3inDaisuke x Veemon Stamp by L3xil3inDigimon fan stamp by SSJdigidestinedMagnamon Stamp by L3xil3inSora x Yamato Stamp by L3xil3inDaisuke Stamp by L3xil3inDaisuke Stamp by L3xil3inChibomon Stamp by L3xil3inMimi x Koushiro Stamp by L3xil3inAngewomon Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshiAn Angemon Stamp by angewomon+Ken Ichijouji Stamp+ by Blackgatomon+Davis-Daisuke Stamp by BlackgatomonDGMN-Wormmon Stamp by rosa-pegasusWormmon by WookiesarebetterMiyako Angry Stamp by SpadaStampsDigiStamp: Davis Motomiya II by bluster-squallMiyako x Ken Stamp by L3xil3inLeafmon x Chibomon Stamp by L3xil3inAnimated Ken Stamp by SpadaStampsDigimon Stamp: Yolei Inou II by bluster-squallDigimon Stamp: Yolei Inou IV by bluster-squallDigimon Stamp: Yolei Inou III by bluster-squallDigimon Stamp: Yolei Inou I by bluster-squallDigiStamp: Digimon Kaizer I by bluster-squallDigiStamp: Digimon Kaizer IV by bluster-squallDigiStamp: Digimon Kaizer II by bluster-squallV-mon Line Stamp by vanilla-dogWormmon Line Stamp by vanilla-dogLadyDevimon stamp by LilithiumStampsDigiStamp: Davis Motomiya IV by bluster-squallDigiStamp: Ken Ichijouji IV by bluster-squallKen stamp by PelissaDaisuke and V-mon Stamp by vanilla-dogWormmon Line Stamp :pixel: by vanilla-dogKen x Leafmon Stamp by L3xil3inKen Stamp by L3xil3inKen Stamp by L3xil3inDigiStamp: Ken Ichijouji II by bluster-squallDigiStamp: Ken Ichijouji I by bluster-squallDigiStamp: Ken Ichijouji III by bluster-squallRe: Kenyako stamp by SatoharuDaikariDaisuke Stamp by SilvarasDumpling Stamp by crystal-of-ixDaisuke Fangirl stamp by Lady-RyuuXX87V-mon Line Stamp :pixel: by vanilla-dogLopmon Stamp by PhewmonsutaBlackGatomon Stamp by KandyPrower+Veemon Stamp+ for veemonsito by Blackgatomon+Lilithmon Stamp+ by BlackgatomonA LadyDevimon Stamp by LilithiumStampsA BlackGatomon Stamp by LilithiumStampsBlackTailmon stamp by LilithiumStampsFemale Digital power stamp by LadyBeelzeLilithmon Alpha Evolve Stamp by KuroKarasuDigiPrize: Takari Stamp by Lady-RyuuXX87Suzie and Lopmon Stamp by funlakotaDaisuke Motomiya Stamp by JubiaMaJoJun Fan by GodTigerGatomon Stamp by Stamp221Davis Stamp by Stamp221Jumping Koromon Stamp by Stamp221Wormmon Running Stamp by Stamp221Wormmon Stamp by Stamp221Koromon Stamp by Stamp221Agumon n Gomamon Singing Stamp by Stamp221Heavy Sleepers Stamp by Stamp221Daisuke and Veemon Stamp by Storm-the-ChaoStamp: Dark Takeru Fan by uzukun89Stamp: Daisuke is Left Behind by uzukun89Stamp: I Support Seme Daisuke by uzukun89Stamp: I Support Uke Takeru by uzukun89Stamp: Daisuke Tackles Ken by uzukun89Stamp: Daisuke Refuses by uzukun89Stamp: Daisuke vs Takeru by uzukun89Stamp: Daisuke's Dream by uzukun89Stamp: Daisuke is Hated by uzukun89Digimon Adventure 02 Stamp by Stamp221Inoue Miyako Stamp by JubiaMaJoJurato stamp by OjamajoDoremi53Kenyako Stamp by KenxKaoDigiStamp: Digimon Kaizer III by bluster-squallStamp: Takeru vs Kaizer by uzukun89Stamp: Takeru vs Kaizer 2 by uzukun89Stamp: Daisuke Attacks Kaizer by uzukun89Digimon stamp by WuckoDigimon by KurasiiDigimon Animated Stamp 007 by hanakt+Digimon Adventure Stamp+ by BlackgatomonDigimon Stamp: Kari Kamiya IV by bluster-squallDigimon Animated Stamp 005 by hanaktDigimon Animated Stamp 006 by hanaktDigimon Stamp : Tai Kamiya IV by bluster-squallDigimon Stamp : Tai Kamiya II by bluster-squallDigimon Stamp : Izzy Izumi III by bluster-squallDigimon Stamp : Matt Ishida IV by bluster-squallDigimon Stamp: Kari Kamiya III by bluster-squallDigimon Stamp : Tai Kamiya I by bluster-squallLillymon Stamp by SlumberPoppyDigimon Stamp: Joe Kido IV by bluster-squallStamp: Taichi fan by larabytesUGatomon by Cathines-StampsAgumon n Gomamon Singing Stamp by Stamp221Digimon Animated Stamp 001 by hanaktDigimon Stamp: TK Takaishi II by bluster-squallDigimon Animated Stamp 002 by hanakt

Digimon Gifs:
Tai and Kari by JakeCBiebsTai and Kari by JakeCBiebs


deviation in storage by Ayaayachiiin
Angry Birds Fan Button by ButtonsMakerV-mon Fan Button by ButtonsMakerThe Simpsons Fan Button by ButtonsMaker






DenyloveThomas's Profile Picture
Icon Ken Ichijouji by PelissaIcon Davis : Daisuke Motomiya by PelissaDigimon Evolution by RenjiAbaraiGR60x60 digimon icon by avatarxuxa

Digimon - Crest of Kindness by CSolarstormDigimon - Crest of Love by CSolarstormDigimon - Crest of Friendship by CSolarstormDigimon - Crest of Courage by CSolarstormAnticrest of Darkness by CSolarstormDigimon - Crest of Miracles by CSolarstorm

Eru Chitanda FAN by ChiisanaHoshiStamp: Hyouka - Satoshi Fukube by MikuFregapane:thumb320562220:Stamp: Hyouka - Satoshi Fukube 03 by MikuFregapaneHoutarou Oreki FAN by ChiisanaHoshioreki stamp ahaha by urmskOreki x Chitanda stamp by WAMmy0Stamp: Hyouka - Satoshi and Mayaka by MikuFregapaneBig Stamp: Houtarou Oreki - Hyouka by MikuFregapane

How i met your mother Stamps:
Legendary stamp by balsenNPH is sick of this by The-Emerald-OtterHow I Met Your Mother - stamp by SteveKdAStamp High Six Barney Stinson by Nami-KagamineSTAMP: Bro Code by EllamenopeaBarney Stamp by KumagorochanHow I Met Your Mother Stamp by YagoniHIMYM Stamp by glittergirl101Suit Up Stamp by YagoniStamp Himym by vaybs

How i met your mother stamps and icons:
Bartenders by barusseBartenders 2 by barusseDaddy's Home by barusseTelepathic conversation by barusseWe'll get one.. by barusseHow i met your mother 1 by MrFlyXHow i met your mother 3 High Quality by MrFlyXHow i met your mother 2 by MrFlyX

Barney Stinson Icon 7 by Blackout-ResonanceBarney Stinson Icon 2 by Blackout-Resonance

Modern Family:
Love 4 Modern Family by patronustamps

Glee Stamps:
Glee by laselwooGlee: Kurt by laselwooGlee: Will by laselwooGlee: Tina by laselwooGlee: Artie by laselwooGlee: Rachel by laselwooGlee: Fin by laselwooGlee: Mercedes by laselwoo

Glee Gif:
Santana Gif by ICanFightThisFeelingBrittany throw up by ColorfullRainbowBlame it on the alcohol by ColorfullRainbowBlame it on the alcohol by ColorfullRainbowBlame it on the alcohol by ColorfullRainbowBlame it on the alcohol by ColorfullRainbowIce scratch on the face by ColorfullRainbowSantana's mad by ColorfullRainbowBrittany and Santana dancing by ColorfullRainbowSantana in NY by ColorfullRainbowQuinn Fabray by ColorfullRainbowMe against the music by ColorfullRainbowI couldn't help myself by ColorfullRainbowSantana don't relax by ColorfullRainbowQuinn being Lady Gaga by ColorfullRainbowWemma by ColorfullRainbowFreaking out by ColorfullRainbowGlee fashion's night out by ColorfullRainbowLindsay in Glee by ColorfullRainbowGlee cast by ColorfullRainbowGlee cast by ColorfullRainbowGlee cast by ColorfullRainbowSantana Lopez GIF (Glee) by FireworkProdzLindsay in Glee by ColorfullRainbowGlee club by ColorfullRainbowGlee club and Will by ColorfullRainbowGlee cast by ColorfullRainbowGlee club by ColorfullRainbowGlee cast by ColorfullRainbowGlee club and Will by ColorfullRainbowGlee performance by ColorfullRainbowGlee club by ColorfullRainbowGlee club by ColorfullRainbowGlee club by ColorfullRainbowGlee club and Will by ColorfullRainbowGlee cast by ColorfullRainbowGlee club by ColorfullRainbowBe a loser by ColorfullRainbowBe a loser by ColorfullRainbowBe a loser by ColorfullRainbowPuck and Quinn by ColorfullRainbowBe a loser by ColorfullRainbowCheerios by ColorfullRainbowBe a loser by ColorfullRainbow

The Simpsons Stamps:
Homer Simpson by laselwooStupid Sexy Flanders by getanaxeHi Dr Nick by ririnyanMr. Burns Excellent Stamp by LadyMortianaHomer Rapping Stamp by FoggyPebbleSimpsons Stamp by hosmer23Spiderpig by ririnyanThe Simpsons by Fyi-SusD'oH by liranszHe'll never get that Pie by ginacartoonScary Grandpa Stamp by Sycotei-BEvil Krusty stamp by Okami-MoonyItchy and Scratchy stamp by Strange-little-catPunch Lenny In The Back Of The Head by ginacartoonCRAZEEH HOMER by KetsuoTategamiBeer Nuts by ginacartoon

The Simpsons Gif:
Homer shakes Bart by iLeeuuCrazy Bart by iLeeuuHomer Simpson by lazybrownguyNelson by DIATOMICdnbTraffic by BloodyBlowmmmm.....  beeeeeer..... by JuggernautXUGHomer Simpson by musiker1992Homer Simpson 4 by musiker1992picture a day for 39 years by d-calageHa-da-ba-da by FanAirHomer Burp by RamdaKSoy especial by Khamykc-BlackoutLisa Simpson Stamp by Mintaka-TKhmm by Khamykc-Blackoutc.Ronaldo vs Simpsons .. stamp by DaShiR:thumb128664653:

Sakura and Shaoran:
DA Stamps: Card Captor Sakura by eleoyashaCCS Stamp V.2 by kimphantom94Platinum Sakura by azianwolfdollCCS stamp - Sakura 25 by hanaktCardcaptor Sakura Stamp by K-i-e-r-iSyaoran Love Stamp by syaoranclubShaoran stamp by Numbuh9Shaoran fan stamp by mariapalitos68Syaoran fan 2 by LittleStar87Syaoran fan by LittleStar87TRC Stamp - Shaoran by hanaktCCS stamp - Shaoran 02 by hanaktMine by jemgirlCCS stamp - Shaoran 03 by hanaktCCS stamp - Shaoran by hanaktSakura x Syaoran by azianwolfdollSakura and Shaoran stamp 2 by Numbuh9glomp stamp by crazysistahsSxS Kiss Stamp by manreeworksstamp Syaoran x Sakura by clio-mokonaCCS stamp - Sakura Shaoran 05 by hanaktTobira wo Akete by azianwolfdollSakura by EllexonDA Stamps: Card Captor Sakura by eleoyashaclamp - card captor sakura by lucianagCCS Stamp - Eriol by hanaktI love you - Stamp by Tainaka

Favorites Program:
Saint Tail- Stamp: Saint Tail by Lily-de-Wakabayashi
The Simpsons- The Simpsons by Cavin
Glee- Glee by laselwoo
Modern family- Love 4 Modern Family by patronustamps
Phineas and Ferb- Phineas and Ferb by impersonalinfo
How I met you mother- How I Met Your Mother - stamp by SteveKdA
Sakura Cardcaptor- stamp: CARDCAPTORS - logo by SimbiAni
Medabots- medabots by ranapoo
Magical DoReMi- DoReMi stamp by Strange-little-cat
Hannah Montana- Hannah Montana by phantom
Digimon- Digimon stamp by Wucko
Hyouka- Stamp: Hyouka by MikuFregapane

Favorites Movies:
The Simpsons- The Simpsons movie stamp by raldski5050
Phineas and Ferb ATSD- :thumb191895488:
Toy Story- Toy Story Stamp by AtashiChan
Ice Age- Ice age by black-cat16-stamps
Over the Hedge- Over The Hedge Stamp by GG89-Stamps
The Incredibles- The Incredibles Title Stamp by Maleficent84
UP- UP Pixar Stamp by DumblyDoor
Cars- - Cars Stamp - by toonartt
Madagascar- :thumb307342668:
The Hangover I (A Ressaca)- :thumb198254609:
The Hangover Part II (A Ressaca Parte II)- :thumb211310060:
TED- : TED Stamp : by Queen-Vegeta69

Favorite Chapters:

Phineas and Ferb:
Ferb Stamp by L-mon
Vanessa Doof Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Heinz Doofenshmirtz Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Isabella Fan Stamp by dA--bogeyman
PnF2 - Thomas Stamp by sam-ely-ember
PnF2 - Marie Fan Stamp by sam-ely-ember

King Julian
Stamp: King Julien by Roxy317
Melman - Fan by Dark-Cheshire-Cat

The Simpsons:

Bart Simpson Stamp by Mintaka-TK
Ralph stamp by raldski5050
Mr Burns:
Monty Burns Stamp by MangetsunoYoru

Sakura CardCaptor:
Shaoran stamp by Numbuh9
CCS- Kero stamp by Kaze-yo

Metabee stamp by LadyBeelze

Glee: Santana stamp by Janbearpig

How i met your mother:
Suit Up Stamp by Yagoni
Himym Stamp by Michio11

Digimon Adventure:
Digimon Stamp : Matt Ishida IV by bluster-squall
Digimon Stamp : Tai Kamiya IV by bluster-squall

Digimon Adventure 02:
Digimon Kaiser:
DigiStamp: Digimon Kaizer III by bluster-squall
DigiStamp: Ken Ichijouji IV by bluster-squall
DigiStamp: Davis Motomiya III by bluster-squall
Digimon Stamp: Yolei Inou II by bluster-squall

Houtarou Oreki FAN by ChiisanaHoshi
Eru Chitanda FAN by ChiisanaHoshi

Favorite Singer and Band:

Avril Lavigne:
Avril Love Stamp by WytseKloos

Stamps and Gifs (Avril):
What The Hell by XLove-Christina-AXWYWH Stamp by Drake1Avril Lavigne Stamp by MajinPatAvril Hot Dev Stamp by MegaPaperGirl

Wish you were here gif by ll-black-star-llWish you were here gif 2 by ll-black-star-llWish you were here gif 3 by ll-black-star-ll

Britney Spears:
Britney Stamp for Kurouku by Furiael

Stamps and Gifs (Britney):

Britney Spears Gif by WatchingGlamBritney Spears TTWE by joshuahungBritney Spears_Stronger_rain by Margo-KBritney Spears_Do something by Margo-KBritney Spears_Stronger_sexy by Margo-KBritney Spears_CRAZY! by Margo-KBritney Spears_Crazy! by Margo-KBritney Spears_Overprotected by Margo-KBritney Spears_Crazy! by Margo-K
Britney Spears by SuperGirl02Britney Spears If U Seek Amy by LeargraphicBritney Spears-Gif by Stellina99

Favorite Paring:
Phineas and Ferb: (Phineas and Isabella)

(Ferb and Vanessa)

Digimon Adventure/02: (Yamato and Sora)
Sora x Yamato Stamp by L3xil3in

Digimon Adventure/02: (Mimi and Koushiro)
Mimi x Koushiro Stamp by L3xil3in

Digimon Adventure/02: (Hikari and Takeru)
Hikari x Takeru Stamp by L3xil3in

Digimon Adventure 02: (Ken and Miyako)
Miyako x Ken Stamp by L3xil3in

Digimon Adventure 02: (Daisuke and Natsu "Nat-chan")

Digimon Tamers: (Takato and Jeri)

(Ryo and Rika)

Favorite Partner:
Digimon Adventure:
Matt and Gabumon Stamp by funlakota
Kari and Gatomon Stamp by funlakota

Digimon Adventure 02:
BP_Ken and Wormmon Stamp by Stamp221
BP_Davis and Veemon Stamp by Stamp221
BP_Yolei and Hawkmon Stamp by Stamp221
BP_Kari and Gatomon Alt. Stamp by Stamp221

Digimon Tamer:
Takato and Guilmon Stamp by funlakota
Henry and Terriermon Stamp by funlakota
Rika and Renamon Stamp by funlakota
Ryo and Cyberdramon Stamp by funlakota
Suzie and Lopmon Stamp by funlakota

Best Friends (Not lovers!!)
Digimon Adventure: (Tai and Matt)

Digimon Adventure 02: (Davis and Ken)
BFF_Daisuke and Ken Stamp by Stamp221

Digimon Tamers: (Takato and Henry)

Mais uma vez

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  • Reading: Study (lie) Fics Digimon
  • Watching: Futari wa Pretty Cure
  • Playing: Digimon Masters (DMO)
  • Eating: Chocolate!! (Again)
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